Mobility and Urban Systems Analytics

Welcome to MUSA Lab

Housed within the renowned Energy Institute of the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy, and Resources (BSEER) at UCL, MUSA Lab stands at the nexus of academia and real-world solutions. Our work at MUSA – Mobility & Urban Systems Analytics focuses on dissecting and reimagining the web of urban transport systems. Our approach combines advanced data analytics, rigorous academic research, and a deep commitment to sustainability. At a time when cities are the epicenters of change, our lab seeks to ensure that they evolve in ways that are both innovative and sustainable.

MUSA Lab addresses critical questions surrounding urban transport and its role in shaping energy-efficient and livable cities for the future. By understanding today’s urban dynamics and projecting tomorrow’s needs, we’re bridging the gaps between mobility, environmental responsibility, and urban design.

Our Team

We are a highly dynamic and interdisciplinary team focusing on transport and interactions with the wider urban environment.

In a rapidly evolving urban landscape, the MUSA team aspires to be at the forefront of transformative change, diving deep into the multi-layered complexities of urban transport. Through pioneering research and state-of-the-art operational and planning modeling, we aim to reshape the way cities move. Exploring innovative forms of transport and forging pathways for emerging mobility concepts, our vision is to create interconnected, efficient, and sustainable transport systems that cater to the dynamic needs of urban populations while being in harmony with our environment.

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Key Projects


MethOds and tools for comprehensiVE impact Assessment of the CCAM soluti...

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A data driven toolbox for improving the management of transport operatio...

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Holistic Approach for Providing Spatial & Transport Planning Tools a...

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Latest News

July 1, 2024

MUSA-Lab at hEART2024

MUSA-Lab has participated in hEART2024. Our team presented a poster on the work from the SYNCHROMODE project! Home
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January 6, 2024

MUSA-Lab at TRB2024

We are thrilled to announce that our lab will be actively participating in the upcoming Transportation Research Board (TRB) 2024...
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December 28, 2023

Open Position: Lecturer in urban systems predictive analytics and machine learning

We have an open position for a tenured Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in urban systems predictive analytics and machine learning!
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